Hello World!

Joyeux Noel!

It is exactly 40 minutes after Christmas 2007, and now I am giving birth to a new personal blog.

I started blogging at 24th of October 2004 with my first post entitled “First Blog, Never Dies…” on my defunct personal blog. It went well for two years, but I decided to move on to pursue my one and only love, which is sports writing.

Excerpts from my first blog post ever:

A new blog.. A new story… Another chapter of my so-called life… LIFE!?! My life is full of happiness… Yah… You can always see me happy… Smiling… Greeting everybody whenever I see them… But something is still missing… I still haven’t seen or felt the word LIFE… I don’t even know what’s my purpose living in this miserable piece of planet that was located on the poor and ugly location of the universe… My life… Is really full of disappointments, anger, hatred, revenge and the like… But I’d like to use this to reflect on myself… I never wrote any diary entry a few years from now… My friend JEN always insists me in having this in my sleeve… Well, I love writing… And I don’t know why… Because I wanted to express my joys and frustrations to everyone…

Yes. I agree. You can bash me on that crappy article for using such online newbieness by using ellipsis to end my sentences. But if you will use your brain cells and use your articulation as I pull off a trigger on that message, you’ll see something which will outshone my characteristics, even you know me personally or not.

Wonder why I used the default header of WordPress as the “Hello World!” as my first post here?

Currently, I am a computer engineering student of Adamson University and I’ll be graduating after a few months. I am really fond of doing anything in my home personal computer, and now I already addied a B+ knowledge in computer programming and in process of learning interfacing (Have you wondered how those 25 pins in your parallel port on the back of your CPU makes your documents print on your printer?) and my ultimate goal, robotics.

“Hello World!” is commonly used in in computer programming textbooks as the first program created by computer programming learners. Of course, before even doing such complex controls on your form, you’ll have to learn first the basic functions such as displaying text like the world famous “Hello World!”.

Cheers to my new personal blog! πŸ™‚


~ by Joshua Tadena on December 26, 2007.

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