Where Are My Blog Buddies?

Surprisingly, my favorite blogs are slowly getting off the blogosphere while I continue to revitalize my blogging self. Worse, even my friends (online or personal) also removed the link of my personal blog while I continue to link them on my “dead” blog.

I started to check the links one-by-one and check out who’s still breathing.

My rocker/sporty cousin already left his blog. His last post was at January 27, 2007.

He’s my fellow COCC/CAT-1 Officer, gamer and cohort in my high school craziness left his blog with this last “death” post:

Final Transmission

Growing old is mandatory, Growing up is optional.

My, my… Who would have known that I’d get this far?

I always thought I’d never make it.

I never did think about it seriously… Now it is only a few hours away…

It’s out there – the shards from a large glass, the cogs of a clock, the organs of the system, the small pieces of a large puzzle.

Maybe it’s about time to leave the “lair”…

The past two years have been really fun.

Thanks for the memories.

This is THE WOLF’S LAIR, now signing off.


A disturbed guys journey ended last July 2006. I don’t know what happened to him but suicide is a possibility.

Her blog is now unavailable.

One of the best female buddies I had who is now residing in England. Too bad her entries stopped in 2005.

Her blog stopped a year ago, December 2006.

My friend/seatmate at CHE Mapua days already permanently deleted her blog.

My former schoolmate back in high school at DCCS already stopped her Blogger account. Though she’s still an active Multiply user.

An online friend who has a creative way to close her blog. You might want to check the link.

She already stopped blogging at 2006.

My friend Ralph’s sister and fellow blogger which carefully makes her own skins for her blog. Too bad it isn’t updated anymore.

My high school friend Ralph has one of the fewest blog posts among my circle. Anyway, we all love his new PS3, making him our gaming God.

She already confessed that she’s bored in blogging.

Like most of my online friends, she already considered Multiply as her new home.


Thank God I still have friends who are continuing their blog life as of today. I really believe that blogging in the Philippines is dying inch by inch and I am just one of the lucky fellas who is doing ala-Douglas MacArthur on the blog scene.

My friend from way back at high school migrated to a new URL, then to another, and now finally settled here.

An online friend who threw my old link away on her blog.

My sporty friend and kawaii girl lover is still active in his blog.

She’s still blogging but I haven’t found my old link. Nonetheless, my sister’s blog is linked there.

One of my favorite blogs of all time due to its humor. He’s still breathing but I miss the days when we have 3+ posts per day.

He’s the most successful Blogger user that I have ever seen. And he’s still up and kicking and I think he’ll be blogging for the rest of his life. However, some bloggers are really annoyed (me included) because his blog features from heaven to hell. In layman’s term, his blog is topicless and he jots down anything and everything under the sun in random.

My online friend/schoolmate turned to work buddy in our newly re-established official school publication, The Adamson Chronicle, still updates her Blogger. She’s the one to blame if I wrote anything stupid in TAC.

My former professor (she was my student teacher before) who influenced me in blogging. She already imported her Blogger the much advanced and well loved blog platform, WordPress.

Like me, she is back on the blogosphere.

My CHE classmate back on Mapua. He’s still blog kicking.

She’s still active. Check out her new posts.

My friend back at DCCS and MIT is now back in blogging. And hey, she’s graduating now. Congratulations in advance.

One of the prettiest faces I’ve ever seen personally in my entire life. She already left Philippines and her old blog but I was surprised to see her on her new blog home.


~ by Joshua Tadena on December 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “Where Are My Blog Buddies?”

  1. Edited my link already! πŸ™‚ I love your new blog. It gives a homey feel. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Naomi! πŸ˜€

  3. How can I cross-post my wordpress stuff to multiply? Would you know?

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