To Lace My Gloves Again

I just got home from Cyflex Gym with my friend Migs. It’s his first time to ever enter a gym and to pump some iron, while I try to regain lost time in fitness.

We arrived at 2 PM, the best gym time for me because the machines are always empty. I follow my usual routine, winging around the gym. I usually start my routine with cardio workout such as running in the treadmill, but it wasn’t the case this time because the two treadmills are not working.

I started with bar stretching and I continued to run around the cushioned 7×5 open area. My routine starts with bench presses for the chest. I started with the difficult (for me) inclined bench press, before getting into the bench press and the decline bench press. After, I used the machine flyes (pec dec) before sitting dumbell press to start my shoulder workout. After, I start to play the lat machine with lat pull downs (front wide grip then reverse narrow grip). I also did some bicep workouts like standing dumbell curls then barbell curls. I ended the session with ab exercises with the leg raised crutches and leg raises.

Subtle amount of heavy bag sessions, and that’s all for just 50 Pesos.


I badly wanna start to train for boxing.

Recently, my teammate in inter-school go-karting is having his sessions on a boxing gym. Jeffron already started to earn some sessions, as a fan of the sport, I already asked him to have a sparring session with me sometime in 2008.

I started to collect and gather information on the nearby boxing gym, particulary Elorde’s. The newly opened Elorde Boxing Gym at SM Southmall caught my eye after it opened a few months ago. The rates are somehow affordable, but the facilities are new and there are boxing babes on top of that. :mrgreen:

Annual Membership Fee – P 500.00
Group of 5 students less 20% discount on Membership Fee
Senior Citizens and Students less 20% discount on Membership Fee
Boxing Rates
Session Fee – P 200.00
Walk-in Fee – P 250.00
Sparring Fee – P 300.00
Unlimited Monthly Fee – P2,500.00
Special Rate Fee(12-4pm) – P150.00
Advance 10 Sessions (1 month) – P1,300.00
Muay Thai Rates
Regular Fee – P250.00
Walk In Fee – P300.00
Advance 10 sessions – P1,800.00


1. Renato Inal – 10 Rounder
2. Julius Agkopra – 10 Rounder
3. Alejandro Balabat – 10 Rounder
4. Arnel Layson – 8 Rounder
5. Kru.Jerson Estoro- Professional Muay Thai Trainer
6. Kru.Joel Forsuelo- Professional Muay Thai Trainer

I almost forgot the nearest Elorde Boxing Gym even before the SM Southmall branch opened was located at The Spa in Starmall Las PiΓ±as. It’s far than SM but their rates are a bit cheaper.

Annual Membership Fee – P 700.00
Session Fee – P 150.00
Walk-in – P 150.00 (for the two succeeding sessions after which, one must pay the annual membership fee)
Sparring Fee – P 300.00
Monthly Unlimited – P 3,000.00


1. Rode Magallanes – 10 Rounder
2. Alvin Magramo – 10 Rounder
3. Boy Espinosa – 8 Rounder
4. Franklin Tegio – 4 Rounder

I suddenly remembered the main branch along Sucat Road which is the very first boxing gym where the Elorde boxers/mixed martial artists used to train. Their rates are way, way cheaper than the two and features ranked boxers/MMA fighters as trainers. Too bad they are the farthest among the three.

Annual Membership Fee – P 200.00
Session Fee – P 150.00
Walk-in – P 150.00
Monthly Unlimited – P 2,500.00


1. Melvin Magramo – WBO-Asia Pacific, OPBF and Philippine Champion
2. Benjie Sorolla – WBF-Asia Pacific & WBO-Asia Pacific Champion
3. Ronie Magramo – WBF Champion
4. Toto Laurente – PABA and OPBF Champion
5. Dennis Laurente – OPBF and Philippine Champion
6. William Develos – OPBF Champion
7. Noel Pan – Philippine Champion
8. Nick Dalisay – Philippine Champion
9. Vin-vin Rufino – Philippine Champion
10. Marcelo Aquizar – RP & PABA Rated No. 1
11. Caloy Baduria – URCC Mixed Martial Arts Middleweight Champion
12. Renato Inal – RP Rated No. 1
13. Ruel Durano – RP Rated No. 1
14. David Asuncion – RP Rated No. 7
15. Aljun Corporal – 10 Rounder
16. Monie Dequia – 10 Rounder
17. Solaiman Andres – 10 Rounder
18. Eddie Bolliaran – 10 Rounder
19. Christian Padagdag – 10 Rounder
20. Badong Domasian – 8 Rounder
21. Lando Espinosa – 8 Rounder
22. Jun Brucales – 6 Rounder

Caloy Baduria is a popular local MMA fighter from the URCC. Badong Domasian become world famous after getting his latest loss (0-2-1) a few days ago at Platinum Fighting Productions’ “Ring of Fire” at Araneta Coliseum.

After seeing Ralph’s 14 oz (big!) TKO boxing gloves last week, I think we’re heading that way and I think I’m going to lace my gloves again.

I started boxing since high school, with my Dad as my sparring partner. We did regular 5 rounders on our backyard and we still have boxing gears such as gloves and mouthpieces. I did not left boxing after I squashed those gloves because I still support the sport by watching regular boxing matches (in TV or live) and even added mixed martial arts in my arsenal. I just didn’t used my skills just lately when I started to hit some heavy bag sessions in the gym.

I am now thinking to buy a 12 oz Everlast training gloves with a matching handwrap. It will surely make me feel ala-Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy, Peter “The Pride of Providence” Manfredo and Arturo “Thunder” Gatti (Oh God, Please not incude Gatti. Hahaha! πŸ˜€ ) .I was so happy that Everlast arrived Philippines shores just this year bringing in boxing related stuff available for consumers. I also had the nearby JB Sports at Alabang Town Center as its local distributor.

Are you ready? Let’s get it on!!!


~ by Joshua Tadena on December 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “To Lace My Gloves Again”

  1. i’ve noticed they don’t price their services at similar rates across all branches…. the one near glorietta is too expensive…. bummer….

  2. Yep. The price depends on the vicinity and the type of customers they cater. πŸ˜€

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