I Am Supposed To Be Busy

I am just starting to enjoy Christmas break, doing whatever I want and sleeping any time I like.

I was just informed a few hours by some concern peeps about the tons of assignment, academic or co-curricular, that I was suppose to make this vacation. Well, I haven’t completed them yet. 😐

1. Computer Applications Project 1 – BINGO
It seems harder than I thought. I really thought rnd (random keyword) in Visual Basic 6 will help me but it only displays the same patterns over and over again. I also have a problem in repetitive numbers in drawing balls, together with the BINGO card generator. I know the way using modules, but I want to have a simplest program with simplest syntaxes embedded on my program.

2. Computer Applications Project 1 – GAME
Engr. Goh wanted us to create our own game using VB. I have no problem in programming, I just don’t have an idea what game should I make. Laziness is also a problem. πŸ˜€

3. The Adamson Chronicle Sports Article Number 3 – Patrick Cabahug Feature Article
I just got my sports editorial post a few months ago and I’m quite happy that our adviser which is a Cambridge doctorate (plus a masteral degree in DLSU and college graduate from Adamson) Ms. Paredes appreciated my first two lowly made articles. I had difficulty contacting Pat but her someone made it possible to get my necessary facts that I needed to know. Worse, Mam Arlene asked me to conduct a post-SEA games interview which I haven’t conducted yet due to his busy schedule. I still have my initial interview information now, all I need to have is a subtle amount of pressure.

4. The Adamson Chronicle Sports Article Number 4 – UNIGAMES 2007 Article
I had difficulty in getting the names (yes, only the names) of our school’s representatives in the recent UNIGAMES. We finished 2 golds with a silver and bronze in that competition, which made the news article worthy. I just got the names before vacation and I still haven’t started it, even though they needed the two articles by Saturday.

5. Strength of Materials – Prelim Exam
I haven’t started studying for the prelim exam of my crappiest subject this semester.

6. Strength of Materials – Notebook
I also didn’t wrote notes because it’s hard to read inch-sized writings on the lower half of the whiteboard because of our professor’s height.

7. Logic Circuit and Switching Theory – Tools (IC’s, connecting wires, resistors, bread board, etc.)
I admit that electronics isn’t my strength. You can throw bagful of programming workloads to me and I won’t complain but when it comes to this, I really need a thorough explanation so that I will understand. I should have bought my materials on Raon, but my parents won’t allow me because I might go home with a slashed pocket.

I need a Rockstar Energy Drink. πŸ˜†


~ by Joshua Tadena on December 28, 2007.

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