Fiery December

Platinum Fighting Productions successfully staged the first world class mixed martial arts tourney in the Philippines in their quest to rejoin Southeast Asia in the fight map, left MMA aficionados and street brawl fanatics on their feet last December 9, 2007 at Araneta Coliseum.

Initially, me and my kawaii girl magnet friend Arthur were disappointed simply because we had our tickets earlier for this event (315 pesos for General Admission) while the scalpers are selling 500-700 pesos for a 2100 pesos Upper Box A ticket. Anyway, we learned to love that ticket somehow because it is still our access to our FIRST MMA EVENT WATCHED LIVE. πŸ˜€

Patron VIP (101 & 103) (Reserved Seating) PhP 8400
Patron A (Reserved Seating) PhP 5250
Patron B (Reserved Seating) PhP 4200
Lower Box (Reserved Seating) PhP 3150
Upper Box A (Reserved Seating) PhP 2100
Upper Box B (Free Seating) PhP 1050
Gen. Admission (Free Seating) PhP 315

We are inside Araneta by 1 PM, but the show did not started immediately at the schedule on paper. Seeing the Upper Box A and B, the seats were almost empty while the GenAd spaces are occupied the fastest.

The event started 2 past, with the introduction of the legendary MMA fighters turned coaches this time (UFC 1, 3 and 4 champion Royce Gracie, former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett, European MMA/Judo/Sambo master Gokor Chivichyan and the most popular UFC loser ever, Ken Shamrock) and the undercards started to change the Coliseum’s atmosphere.

FIGHT 1: Evan Dunham (Team Shamrock) def. Cleber Luciano (Team Gracie)

At the middle of the second fight, the organizers started to bring down the Upper Box B ticket holders to the unoccupied Upper Box A seats. Luckily, we are asked to seat there too. The hoi polloi fight fans will be eternally grateful for that one.

FIGHT 2: Kyacey Uscola (Team Shamrock) def. Jorge Patino (Team Gracie)

FIGHT 3: Mike Whitehead (Team Shamrock) def. Daniel Serafian (Team Gracie)

FIGHT 4: Ricco Rodriguez (Team Shamrock) def. Kelvin “The Big Hit” Fitial (Team Gracie)

FIGHT 5: Tonya Evinger (Team Shamrock) def. Katrine Alendal (Team Gracie)

Ken Shamrock’s new breed of Lions Den (Shamrock’s stable FYI) are well trained in ground and striking skills. Sadly, the greatest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter Royce Gracie did not score in this best of 5 fights.The crowd cheered hard for the former UFC heavyweight champ Ricco Rodriguez (who uses to train under my all-time favorite MMA fighter Tito Ortiz at Team Punishment) displaying his new form and big belly. The women’s MMA card was sexy despite their machismo, especially when the victor displayed powerful slams and ending the fight with a rarely seen and difficult to perform flying armbar.

FIGHT 6: Koji Oishi (Team Barnett) def. Karen Darabdeyan (Team Gokor)

FIGHT 7: Yuki Kondo (Team Barnett) def. August Wallen (Team Gokor)

FIGHT 8: Renato Sobral (Team Barnett) def. Rodney Faverus (Team Gokor)
FIGHT 9: Jeff Monsoon (Team Barnett) def. Hakim Gouraml (Team Gokor)
FIGHT 10: Zach Light def. Salvador “Badong” Domasian

Team Barnett swept the matches versus Team Gokor, but the bouts were far superior to the first five. The Japanese descent of Barnett brought in A-class fighters in Oishi and former UFC title contender Yuki Condo. Condo did not delivered well to the displease of the crowd despite his win. The crowd roared hard when former UFC light heavyweight contender Renato “Babalu” Sobral entered the ring with his trademark mean look. Sobral win via choke, but I was amazed on the sounds that produced which rocked the Big Dome when he strikes. UFC heavyweight contender Jeff Monson also became a crowd pleaser for the superb chess fight throghout the three rounds. The biggest disappointment was the Filipino fighter, Salvador Domasian, which is entirely new in local MMA tourneys pitted against a UFC/Pride champion Quinton Jackson coached Zach Light. The fight ended under a few seconds when Domasian was blanked out in Light’s full mount exposing his arms, ending the fight with an armbar.

Don’t tell me that this guys weren’t popular and I just wasted my time there. I really had a great time last night, and the octagon ring background shots were memorable. I watched Manny Pacquiao vs. Oscar Larios live in Araneta but the atmosphere was far better this time. I feel like watching in Las Vegas at a thousand dollars seating.

To those kids who don’t know MMA (mixed martial arts), they will be back on December 2008 after staging four fights inside Southeast Asia.

And hey, URCC’s Anthony PeΓ±alosa and UFC’s Mario Yamazaki was the third man in the ring. Mario’s presence really brought me in live UFC mode.

Did I say Kimo was there? Yeah. He was. I also did see Gretchen Fullido wearing blue. Sexay. 😈



~ by Joshua Tadena on December 29, 2007.

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