Dealing With The Worst Drivers

Filipino drivers think that they are Autobots…

Filipino drivers are the most stupid drivers all over the world. Everyone, even the foreigners who have experienced motoring outside the Philippines, who has driven our country’s roads will surely say that Filipinos are the worst kind of drivers they have ever seen in their entire life.

I suddenly remember my karting friend/mentor Jeff Freihuber said to us one time that he’s driving well in his hometown France but he’ll never learned (or dared) to drive in our country’s roads. Ironically, that words came from a multi-awarded 24-hour endurance karting champion in France who partially owns City Kart Racing, a karting rental facility at West Service Road in Sucat, Parañaque.

We already know the most stupid people behind the wheel are from Manila, my survey showed that the most notorious drivers inside Manila are the ones who resides in Las Piñas City.


You might be thinking that I’m biased on my conclusion because I am living in that vicinity. It’s really funny because Las Piñas City is one of the most avoided cities due to heavy traffic inside Manila.

I have friends who live in Cavite which are nearer (geographically speaking) when using the Marcos Alvarez Ave. but takes the longer route on Cavite town proper. My friends from Muntinlupa also settles the Skyway bus route instead of using the Alabang-Zapote Road. Some guys even uses Sucat Road in Parañaque as an alternative, even though there’s also neck-to-neck traffic in there.

I have great respect with our Mayor Nene Aguilar but the heavy traffic hampered our city since SM Southmall was erected only worsened. I also appreciate his road maintenance activities through constant asphalt overlaying, creating more roads and side streets for easy transportation, opening villages and subdivisions as shortcuts (Sadly, “Friendship Routes” are really “For Friends Only”. 😦 ) and more.

One problem that they should address was the “one-way” or “buhos” system is not making sense at all. I am really annoyed whenever I’m going to be late in class at 7:30 AM and they’ll stop the traffic on one side and let the opposing cars pass. Worse, they also do this at night time wherein the streets are almost empty. I believe if we just the two ways as is and just follow the line that separates the two will be better. It is better to move constant 10-20 kph rather than waiting for 10 minutes stop to finish from time to time.

The “kotong cops” will be always there. Not just here, but everywhere. 👿


I started my today’s post with theses because I was a family driver for a day again for my Mom and Sis at SM Southmall for a weekly grocery. My Dad’s license just expired on his birthday (unlucky dude for his birthday was Christmas Eve and LTO’s closed for Christmas the next day) so I will be in charge in the wheel as soon as his license renewed.

SM Southmall is just under 3 kilometers from our home (fore we’re just paying a minimum jeepney fare) but it’s always hell out there as soon as I start to press the gas pedal.

My driving environment today was different than before. My Dad found out minutes after I zoomed the car that my back lights are off and my left signal light is also busted. Worse, brake lights included. I might say that driving that car beyond 6 PM is a death wish. 😛

As usual, I’m a real cool driver whatever the situation. I really acquired that certain state of mind from circuit racing. It’s more of you and the car and nobody else. Perfection is needed in every step of the way. And the most important thing of all is…

You shall not race with other drivers when you are not racing.

Everytime I drive, I always had an encounter which is really unforgivable if you clearly know the LTO’s drivers regulation handbook. Sadly, not every drivers know what it is, some doesn’t care if it ever existed.

I was at the intersection at Marcos Alvarez and Alabang-Zapote road a few hours ago, and as a law abider, I used the rightermost lane with right signal light on for I am turning right going to SM. Then suddenly, a poop colored 😆 Honda SIR suddenly tried to pull of a last minute heroic trying to cut me while I was sneaking a slow left turn.

That’s the type of driver that I really hate. Those drivers who thinks they are Superman and can do whatever they like on the streets. Sorry for those guys, but I’m the one who always gives way when the terms are correct. I always give way for the pedestrians even though they walk like Miss Universe contestants. I always give way on any public roads when my instinct tells me that if I won’t let this guy pass, it will cause traffic. Once you try to do stupidity on my face, I’ll place my car in the situation that you’ll be waiting a few minutes to get my lane at the back of me, or simply kiss my ass and be lost in the woods to be stuck or face your death on the opposing lane.

Back to the action, I never gave my lane and continued to proceed whatever happened on the next split second. With my disgust, I tried to hold my horn for everyone else to see what that this faggot is doing. I was impressed, that this fool honked on me also and tried to cut me after the right curve.

As a normal drivers would react, they will try to get his revenge by cutting this poop colored (I love to repeat this all over again 😆 ) car come what may. As what I have said, I’m not racing over this God-like nuthead because we’re not racing. I will not go down in his rugged style for it will not work whenever we’re pitted fairly (same car, same engine, same specifications). 🙂

But he never got away of my trademark facial expression, my favorite slanderous language and the point as if I was going to start a brawl. 😆


On our way home, the Las Piñas drivers are really going at it even inside SM’s area of responsibility. It’s natural to see pesky motorists who oppose the “one way” sign and even to race off on a closed street with several humps ignoring the pedestrians.

SM Southmall’s exit is a four way exit with two lanes going left to Zapote (my lane), and two lanes going to Alabang separated by a barrier and a clear road sign for those lanes to be followed. Some guys who lined for Alabang turns left crossing my way while some of my co-laners are going the other way also, resulting to a criss-cross, wooly-booly exit.

I turned left smoothly and lining up the legal leftmost lane for those who’ll be turning right. The third lane occupying the opposing lane is a natural occurence (which is not respectful, by the way) but something irked me again. A box typed Lancer (God, it’s older than my ’89) got the rightmost lane and tried to squeezed in the intersection that I was turning left.

My God, I have encountered CR-V’s, Endeavors, Expeditions, Explorers and some six to seven digit cars go at it but it’s the first time I encountered a rolling relic with such dubious behavior. 😆


I was blessed that my Dad had saved his allowance to enroll me on Socialites Driving School for the maximum 12 hours. Not that he’s just too nervous to teach me or I’m to newbie in cars (I’m a sucker for semi-real driving video games that time), it’s just that he really wanted me to learn driving “scientifically”.

I did not enter A1 because the rates in Socialites is much cheaper, with their name still recognized as one of the biggest in the country. More hours with cheaper rates, what more can I ask for?

And for the record, most A1 students did not learned how to drive. Why?

1. Hours in the classroom talks are useless. You can encounter that in real time in driving lessons anyway. I started my first hour with 1st gear, and my second hour to mixed the gears up to the third.

2. A1 students are schooled on closed roads. Wherein the real thing, erroneous drivers and hazardous driving conditions are driving your way. I started my first three hours in Alabang business district and my next hours on Sucat Road (heavy traffic) to Parañaque Market (tons of pedestrians).

3. A1 students are well informed that the instructors have their own brake pedal. I was just informed that my instructor has his own when he lured me to fly flat out my 5th gear on my last few hours.

4. We can always see a non-aggressive A1 student on the road that was. My instructor thought me how to be aggressive in overtaking, squeeze in neck-to-neck road battles (I almost got sandwiched there) and to fly flat out on Daang Hari.

5. A1 students tend to depend on “Student Driver” sign on the back of the car. Whereas my instructor always tries to remove that for me so I will have my confidence to drive normally.

My props to Mr. Jolly of Socialites Alabang for thorough driving knowledge and safe aggressive driving with no accidents/tickets for 3 years of driving. 🙂


I should assert my conslusion more that Las Piñeros are the worst kind of drivers through accidents. As I have said, we are traffic engorged but still “weird” accidents do happen. It’s normal to see that cars, trucks, buses, and even two riders such as motorcycles are crashing with each other. Have you seen an accident I witnessed here which goes like these:

1. A tricycle bouncing off an island then suddenly tipped of his vehicle including the passengers.

2. An FX passenger smashed a sneaking motorbiker on the middle right door which catapulted him away.

3. A hit and run accident involving a death of an old aged male leaving him in his bloodbath at early morning.

4. A jeepney bumped the back of the FX I am riding on a flat road in bumper to bumper traffic.

5. A private vehicle smashed our old car’s back while inside SM Southmall’s exit while waiting for the go signal.

6. A bicycle vs. bicycle accident. This is a must see because everyone in the car (including me) that my Tito’s driving bursted into laughter for hours. 😆

If you got six out of six, you can contend that you’re area’s far worse than where I am living. 😀

Our taxi cabs are the only ones in the Metro who are not using their meters. Some of them even doesn’t own one. You might want to check them out sometime. 😉


~ by Joshua Tadena on December 30, 2007.

10 Responses to “Dealing With The Worst Drivers”

  1. Hahaha. Taena. LP pa pala pinaka delikado? Practice lang yan pare. It’s normal. Live with it.

  2. Connection? Read the full post. 😛

  3. I agree. Filipino drivers are the most ignorant drivers in the entire world.

    They exhibit total disregard for other driver’s safety, they do not obey any traffic rules and have no sense of common courtesy towards other drivers. Their situation can easily be improved if the local police would do their job, but they are too busy looking the other way due to bribes/payoffs. Mean-while the buses, jeepneys, and tykes are breaking every traffic rule just to make that next peso.

    It is no wonder that their country is in such a dire situation.

  4. “Filipino drivers are the most ignorant drivers in the entire world.”

    Really?! That’s a very interesting statement. It means that you have observed drivers from all over the world. Have you observed drivers in Bangladesh? in Thailand? in Vietnam? in Mozambique?

    If not, then you have absolutely no right to state that “Filipino drivers are the most ignorant drivers in the entire world.”

    It’s like me saying that you are the most ignorant blog commenter in Cyberspace. That won’t be accurate, because this blog’s owner is probably worse that you (with terrible grammar to boot).

    What an idiot!

  5. @renz:

    Filipinos are hypocrites, and you are the best example. 😆

    Yes renz. I am worse “that” him. Read your comment Mr. spelling bee champ and grammar doctorate.

    Why not ask any foreigner driving in our local streets and make a comparison.

    Good luck.

  6. If it’s any consolation, Cavite drivers are 10000x worse than Las Pinas drivers… Especially those idiotic motorcycle drivers. It’s like the drivers left their brains at home, or didn’t have any at all…

  7. @Renz:

    So we’re better than Thailand or any other country? C’mon. Reality check!

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