New Year’s Rush

I woke up ultra early today at about past 5 AM to accompany my Mom for New Year’s Eve preparation that will commence a few hours from now.

We are on the Lozada Market by 6 AM to start our shopping. First stop was the ever favorite buko (coconut) which surprisingly sold for 18-20 Pesos. In fact, it was priced about 10-12 Pesos and even sold for cheaper 15 Pesos just yesterday.

It is such a disgusting thing to see that motorists (yes, the freaking Las Piñas motorists) brought their cars to park on the slimmest of the slim roads to cause traffic even before the sun rises. They brought their Serenas, Hi-Aces and Crosswinds just to add up in the masses of people. As if they were Murcielagos, 911’s or F430’s. 🙄

I also brought home some bags of grapes, dalandan, chico, longan and some kilos of ground beef while I leave my Mom to wrap things up. She’s trying to complete the “13 round fruits” from another lame Chinese belief.

How does the Chinese people know everything? They told you to do this, then do that, then be lucky. Do they have the scientific proof? Do they have direct contacts with the Gods in the heavens above like Ultimate Warrior? 😆

Migs is texting. I should be in the gym now. Tee-hee. 😆


~ by Joshua Tadena on December 31, 2007.

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