My 2008 New Year’s Resolution

What is your “New Year’s Resolution”?

Since my 15-year old sister have undergone cholecystectomy last December, we will start our new year right with correct food proper nutrition. She’ll be cutting of his normal meat intake and an absolute ban in oily

I have eaten a lot this 2007 and my gym time went down drastically. I’m like a gremlin all year long, some days thin, some days fat. I can’t deny the fact that school is the primary reason why my fitness have gone nowhere last year (while I was extremely fit at 2006 which resulted in appendectomy).

This year, I promise myself to improve my physical condition. I will try my best to spend enough time for exercise, whether it’s in the gym or simply my home dumbbell routines plus jogging.

I was quite impressed that I my traps improved a lot due to continuous dumbbell presses all year long. I also had improved rhomboids (back) and my forearm, with my pectorals (chest) just a little smaller this time. I was surprised that my deltoids, triceps and biceps decreased because of the lack of gym sessions. The worst is my abs, it started to bulge after I stopped ab exercises in order to strengthen my operated organs last 2006.

I’ll be joining Mr. Olympia in 2009. πŸ˜†


~ by Joshua Tadena on January 1, 2008.

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