Reminiscing High School On Central

I felt an unexplainable tiredness after the morning’s gym work. After eating lunch, I suddenly rushed my bed and dozed to sleep.

I woke up at 6 PM with usual text messages from my friends. Something popped of my mind as I read my high school friend Romer’s message.

Hazel recently arrived last December 31 from USA and I haven’t had a chance to see her. So I asked Romer if there’s a planned meet up with her and luckily, there’s a night out on Central BBQ Boy at BF Resort by 8 PM.

I was feeling feverish and my temperature starts to rise but I was used to ignore that kind of state even before. It’s been a while when she had to leave for US to take her Nursing State Board so that she’ll be able to work there and earn some dollars. Thank God, she passed the grueling exam which brought her home together with us this January.

I was out past 8 with my rotting old vehicle so that I won’t problem the thieves that are plaguing our community recently. I picked up Quiza and Deej on Veraville 3 while waited the “always late” Romer on Golden Gate’s entrance.

I started to order food as soon as we get there to improve my condition. I ate Japanese Pork Chop partnered with C2 lemon while Deej ordered his own as well. I’m feeling better but I still feel ill and sweaty. Aryz arrived a few minutes after us and followed by Mark and his balikbayan girlfriend, Hazel.

I was surprised because she’s still the Hazel we knew back in high school. She’s still the simple girl who loves to laugh and enjoy in her friends company. We just had some good conversation together with food and drinks. The tambay lasted for two hours and planned some future parties, including an outing at Puerto Galera before she leaves the country.

Teta, Hazel’s best friend and another high school buddy, will also be arriving sometime this month. So January will be a busy month for me and I’ll dedicate it wholly to my friends who made my high school the best chapter of my life. πŸ˜‰

Beh, another high school friend, also arrived before we decided to head out of Central. Beh has turned Born Again now that’s why I usually see her when I’m going to church. Her boyfriend Jay was a youth group in leader in my same church at Alabang New Life Christian Center.

The night was cut short because of three Mapuan friends which started their 3rd quarterm today. Anyway, we will see each other again on Saturday.


~ by Joshua Tadena on January 3, 2008.

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