Late Unhealthy Christmas

I started my day by going to the gym with Migs and Quiza.

Yeah, you heard that one right. Quiza started to join us (wannabe) hunks to remove unwanted calories.

It was a horrible gym day today because I feel weak from the start, which is really unusual. My left elbow seemed to have been drained out on my early routines. Well, I have only slept just about 5 hours. Maybe that’s the one to blame.

After getting flushed out, I returned home and slept. Zzzzz.

I was appointed again by my Mom to drive her to SM Southmall to buy some gifts for the long delayed reunion at Alabang.

What’s the cause of delay?

Joyce’s cholecystectomy 😯


After feeling stomach pains in our family reunion at Teacher’s Village last December 16, my sister Joyce was immediately brought to Perpetual Help Medical Center the next day. She was administered some medicines in the emergency room and told us that it was just a bad case of hyperacidity.

The next day came, she’s still on excruciating pain, but UPHMC still insisted on their initial diagnosis. My parents was prompted to go to her pediatrician Dra. Principe the next day and right there, she diagnosed my sister with an inflamed gall bladder with stones.

UPHMC is fully booked and the only hospital with an open large private room was the nearest hospital in our home, Las PiΓ±as City Medical Center. After 3 days of observation with the pain getting worse, her pedia’s spouse/surgeon Dr. Principe ordered “cholecystectomy” (removal of gall bladder) on Saturday morning (December 22).

She was almost unconscious on her first day and only a few movements on her second day, but she’s almost okay and was ordered for a release on the morning of Christmas Eve.

Tomorrow will be her first checkup after operation. She’s doing well now and the late Christmas family reunion will now take place. πŸ˜›


~ by Joshua Tadena on January 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Late Unhealthy Christmas”

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  2. […] I wake up early by my Mom because they are heading to Las PiΓ±as City Medical Center for my sister’s scheduled checkup. […]

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