My Tank Is Getting Worse

I was forced by Mom to wake up early to drive my “tank” to the nearby vulcanizing shop for tire pressure check.

I call my 89′ Toyota Corolla GL a “tank” because of so many reasons. First, it’s body is heavy because of the late 80’s standard issue cars are all like that. When we start the tank, the engine produces a “warring” sound, emulsified by the 16 valve engine badly needing a change oil partnered with a muffler header. When I start to ravage the streets, I think I’m in God mode because almost everyone is avoiding me (if they don’t want to have a white gash on their car’s body 😉 ). When Dad drives that walking adamantium, we are crawl like a tank full of artillery. 😆

We only use the tank for unavoidable occasions and its only applicable for city driving. Usually, we only drive the tank once in a week for grocery shopping and/or going to church. I only use that for late night gimmicks around the city. We have only two driver’s licenses in our roof, if Dad and I were out, the tank will rest it’s rusty gears and creaking joints in the garage. 😮

The tank blew it’s tires on the garage a total of two times already. It’s normal for old tires to reduce tire pressure when not used for a long span of time like a week or so. I was surprised this morning that I have used the tank for two days in a row, but still on his way going flat.

I need to get the tank replaced this year. 😦

Please help a poverty stricken me by donating something here. 😦


~ by Joshua Tadena on January 5, 2008.

5 Responses to “My Tank Is Getting Worse”

  1. Panzer bereit. LOL Pakabitan mo na ng .50 cal M2 MGs para makapag Twisted Metal ka na~ j/k (^^.)\/

    *sigh* nami-miss ko tuloy yung ganyang Corolla namin dati (*na binangga ko sa gate nung grade 5 ako xD) For some reason, the ’89 is satisfyingly bulky and armored though… Ambigat pa nung hood, pag pop mo, parang may matinding bakal na tutunog. LOL sa bigat parang magde-deflect sa kanya yung mga 7.62mm rounds

    Yung mga bago ngayon parang sobrang ninipis nakakatakot kapag binangga ka (>.<)

    Or hingin mo na lang kay Duj yun forklift nila~ =)) j/k

    Well Good Luck with your future ‘wagen.

  2. Hahaha! 😆

    Donate! Donate! Donate! 😥

  3. […] arrived late because the tank is getting worse. My Dad got a service van which brought us to Quezon […]

  4. walang pera. walang trabaho xD

  5. Hahaha! 🙂

    May you have a prosperous 2008. 😆

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