Gaby Dela Merced and Me

Everyone is talking about Gaby Dela Merced, a Big 4 finalist in the recently concluded Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Season 2.

I knew Gaby Dela Merced since her starting days in karting, then to touring cars and on Asian Formula 3. She started to be recognized when she modeled a shampoo commercial, covered for FHM and hosted some racing shows. I really admire her love for racing, despite her sport is mainly dominated by males.

I formally met her last March 31, 2007 at City Kart Racing in Sucat, ParaΓ±aque. It was the first day of our Go Kart Camp 2007, an inter-school karting series. I was one of those who spearheaded Adamson Racing Team or TADU (Team Adamson University), who raced (3-hour Endurance Race) and organized (Event Organizer).

Gaby, together with local racing hotshots like Pia Boren and JP Tuason, also had an exhibition karting event sponsored by Good Year. My team was already out of the vicinity and I was lucky to meet and greet Gaby together with my friends from team UST.


~ by Joshua Tadena on January 7, 2008.

13 Responses to “Gaby Dela Merced and Me”

  1. she’s Naturally beautiful,mas lalo pa nga eh kung WALANG katiting na MAKE-UP.she’s sexy without even trying.eloquent,smart,tactful and yet, unafraid to speak from the mind and the heart (NOT FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE 43 CAMERAS).she reportedly grew up previleged and lucky with many things, but far from PERFECT, which just makes her all the more endearing because she doesn’t try so hard to be “SUPER” this and that.She was able to make her goals known for joining PBB like gaining more sponsors for a sport she loves so much and a feat that brought pride to Filipinos (at least for those who knew her before PBB), without that undignified paawa effect.She may have experienced growing pains especially when her parents split up, but she doesn’t seem to be bitter or unappreciative of her parents/family.Palaban si Gaby pero she is also SELF-LESS, HUMBLE, & VERY SENSITIVE to other people.Para nga siyang Ying and Yang πŸ™‚ Her athleticism and nicely toned physique brought so much admiration and INSPIRATION to many women and girls (and BOYS!) who may not have placed health and fitness on the top of their priority list, pero ngayon ay nagiging interesado na or mas lalong ginanahan maging fit and mag-try ng iba’t ibang sport. As far as sa mga tasks, challenges, at parusa sa loob ng PBB, obviously she was one of the HM’s who always gave a 100% of their effort,panalo man o talunan.I just have to say it talaga na, with GABY, ika nga ng mga HM’s,gender is a non-issue sa mga difficult tasks at marami silang ipinanalo dahil sa group effort at sa kalakihan ng naiaambag ni GABY.Nakita ko rin ang pagiging makatao at pagka God-fearing niya…hindi dahil parati siyang nagpapakita sa camera na nagdadasal o kaya nagkukwento ng kung ano anong para tawaging religious or mapagkawang gawa, kundi sa mga actions and decisions niya sa loob ng bahay ni Kuya.She’s a Doer, not a preacher,for show. People can’t
    get enough of Gaby talaga,kakalungkot na hindi na siya mpapanood 24/7, sana nga she’l get the right project sooner or later.I don’t really care what riza’s fan rave and rant about, and i won’t even budge everytime they say all the superlatives about riza, AT THE EXPENSE OF GABY,MARIEL, and ETHEL,because for me, riza and gaby don’t even belong in the same league. Gaby is far more accomplished, endearing, and beautiful inside and out.She doesn’t even need to follow the lead of PBB winners na pinakakanta,pinasasayaw at pinaarte.Daming kaya gumawa niyan. May hitsura or katawan lng tapos konting talent, kayang gawin yan. Sadly, not all of them last and make a ignificant contribution to the industry. GABY, don’t feel that you have to drastically change anything, unless it’s to your liking or advantage,because we love you for who you are.You have our support:)
    GABY is also my big winner…for the abovementioned things and more…I’m so happy that everyday I find sites like these wherein nakakita ako ng napakarami pa palang people na pareho kong nagmamahal kay Gaby.GO GAB GO GAB GO GAB!!!

  2. I like Gaby when behind the wheel. But it seems she’s heading to showbiz stardom.

    Racing is her nature and I don’t want to see her hanging around in ABS-CBN in non-automotive shows.

    PBB picked Gaby so that the kids will watch Capeta. πŸ˜†

  3. ang gnda tlga ni gaby…prfck na cea skin
    im a big2 fan of ms gaby dela merced><
    sos ang gnda tlga<<<>>

  4. Yeah right! πŸ™‚

  5. sN po b gRaGuaTe c gABy??

  6. Hindi ko alam e. Hindi naman kami close e. Bihira ko lang siya nakikita pag may races at events na naghohost siya. πŸ™‚

  7. i’ve heard and saw on CrushTV that she’s from UP. well UP is a great school not far from GABY’s personality if she was from that prestigious university. she also studied in Mirriam College.

    as for me, it’s not bad if she’ll be entering showbusiness,.. she gained lots of heads that looked up on her, it would be unfair if she’ll just leave ‘US’ like that. she sly in almost all fields so i don’t think she’ll be messing up in showbiz though that’s what often happens to most. she’s a great person, no need to watch her actions on and off cam. besides, i vibe that she’s just sticking on HOSTING.. that’s her natural talent..

  8. Not HOSTING! Read my lips…


    Racing is a gift and not everyone can win races like Gaby how matter how hard they train.

    Hosting? Anyone can do that as long as they can talk. πŸ˜†

  9. Hi! I’m sheena.. And I’m one of those who would love to meet Miss Gaby in person. Actually I agree with what you’ve said guys. Gaby’s so cool! she rockS! i simply admire her for being simple and true. Go Gaby!

    But wait! where’s pork-chop?? oink! oink!

    God Bless and Goodluck to your career!

  10. hey guys! do you think Miss GAby’s visiting this site?

  11. I stopped karting already. I have no more money to burn. πŸ˜†

  12. yes,thats right…i luv ate gaby even b4 she came in the pbb haus…sana suportahan natin sya till the end of the day…

  13. Yes, Eden! She’s busy on some hosting jobs. πŸ™‚

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