48 Hours Awake

January 7,2007

I woke up early at 6 because a new alarm resounded to destroy my deep sleep. It is because of my new PDA which I salvaged from my Tito Toto last Saturday. It was an old Palm m130 but I was surprised, it is still usable and in mint condition despite the age. It was my coolest alarm clock up to date. 😎

I was very excited for our first day of class.

I started the day by attending to my Logic Circuit and Switching Theory laboratory class under Sir Peruda. It was a good start for 2008 simply because we have done nothing but to compute our lab group grades before dismissing us.

I immediately ate my lunch before 11 PM because I need to buy something at SM Manila. I bought CD-R’s for my ComApps project and James’ mouse. I was late for the Adamson Chronicle meeting and our adviser have already started to do the talking. Well, I haven’t finished my articles yet. 👿

After the meeting, we checked out our newly renovated Adamson Chronicle office at SV penthouse. They already did the cleaning but the room is almost empty. The furnitures and fixtures needed some dusting and varnishing but the good thing is, the air-conditioner is working fine. 😉

I enjoyed the stay there while my co-writers filled up the PressPlay application forms that I will be delivering the next day to DLSU. I also took some photos that I’ll be posting here soon.

I thought I was going to be late for my next class because I did not planned to enter the class early. The good thing is, Sir Peruda was late and just distributed our paperworks on the past year. I was also happy because my next hour is free time.

It an hour of happiness but suddenly, my Strength of Materials professor announced a prelim examination on the spot. I called the heavens and asked why!?! 😡

I just got lucky when our professor asked for a zany “rock-paper-scissors” game to decide which set to go first. Luckily, we won the draw. Yippie-ya-yay Motherf****r! 😆

It’s an early dismissal for me but I never thought that the day will wrap up this easily.

My ComApps project’s progress slowed down when my sister was hospitalized, leaving me no chance (and energy) to complete it on December. I already completed the slot machine but the BINGO was still a long way to go. I thought I can complete it in no time and I wasn’t expecting to finish it by 4 AM.

January 8,2007

I skipped sleep and my eyes were 😯 . 😆

I could have taken a nap before going to class but needed to complete the application forms for the PressPlay, and even filled it up for those who are absent on the meeting. I was able to comply that all but of course, it prevented me from sleeping.

I took my heavy breakfast (omelette with rice plus three minatamis na saging) before taking up a warm bath. I headed out faster than before so that I could do the sleeping in the bus. 😆

I looked myself in the mirror and I was so bangag.

I was at McDonald’s Taft as early as 8:30 AM for my meet-up with The La Sallian’s Krizia. She’s the one assigned to collect our applications form for PressPlay. I also waited for my cousin Jana but failed to see her because of time constraints. I met Krizia at 10 PM then zoomed past Taft Ave. to reach my nest in San Marcelino.

Theology 4 class professor was late, but I wasn’t feeling sleepy at all. I had a nice siesta while on my way to school. The only problem is that the discussion was so boring, that I needed to pull of my mobile phone and start texting.

I saw Jomar minutes before our next class in Computational Methods. He’s one lucky fella (even luckier than I am) because we are in the same set in Strength of Materials and he’s absent last meeting. We ate lunch together before the start of next class.

We were all surprised when a female replaced Sir Hubert on our Computational Methods class. It was Miss Love from the Guidance department, who administered us some IQ exams before. She gave another goal setting seminar which is still repetitive for annual basis.

We did an activity and everyone was called to stood up and tell the class what’s written on our papers. Basically, we’ll only write our personal, family and professional goals and some information on how to attain it. I wrote…

Personal Goal: I want to be physically fit.
Target Date: 2009
Perceived Barriers: Eating and sleeping too much, lazy to exercise
Strategies to overcome Barriers: Diet, sleep early and exercise everyday

Family Goal: I want to spend more time with my family.
Target Date: Late 2008
Perceived Barriers: Being busy with useless things, hanging out with friends often
Strategies to overcome Barriers: Stay at home as much as possible, bond with family members more often

Professional Goal: I want to start my first job.
Target Date: 2009
Perceived Barriers: Not studying well, laziness
Strategies to overcome Barriers: Study well, be patient

ComApps is next and we’re getting ready for the submission. Some even brought their laptops and just burned their CD’s on the spot. As for me, I sat comfortably on the stool waiting on wahat happens next. Luckily, Sir Goh just ordered us to pass the CD’s and rush out of the room. There’s no reporting whatsoever. Rock! 😎

Fatigue is creeping in and I really want to snore out on one of the air-conditioned rooms.

We were all surprised when our Elem. Electronics 2 professor was present after accumulating absences due to paternity leave (is it?). Sadly, we were given an exam that nobody answered as for me, I started to sleep there.

I went home, ate, then buzzzzzzed off.


~ by Joshua Tadena on January 9, 2008.

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