Sports Writing and TFI Don’t Mix

Since I am currently busy writing an article for Adamson Chronicle (and I have difficulty uploading photos in PhotoBucket 👿 ), please take time to read my written work in answer back to the unending tuition fee increase issue originally posted at Adamsonian. Enjoy. 😎

Since almost everyone already knows that I am the new sports editor of the newly revived “The Adamson Chronicle”, I just want to express my part regarding those TFI issues you are constantly bringing up from time to time.

First of all, I entered TAC for a simple reason that I want to help in the re-establishment of our official school paper. I was invited by an Adamsonian online stranger (before I met her personally) who left a note on my sports blog inviting me to take the editorial exam and share my expertise in sports writing. Of course, I did not hesitated because I was frustrated on how the sports pages are doing in the past TAC issues I once had (Meron ba? Parang wala e).

Did you know that more males tend to read the sports pages first than the headlines? It’s a fact.

I started from being a high school sports editor for 2 years on a small secondary school ran by nuns on Las Piñas City. As soon as Andy Seigle was drafted first pick by Mobiline on 1997, I already know how to compute basketball statistics such as points per game, free throw percentage, etc. on my tender age of 10. My hobbies then were collecting sports magazines, playing NBA Live 1997 on my SEGA Mega Drive 2 with Mitch Richmond was the cover in the Sacramento Kings #2 jersey, collecting and trading NBA basketball cards, playing basketball and roller blades. I once dreamt of being the next Quinito Henson when I was a child. It all went down in the drain when I opted to choose engineering rather than pursue a communications course that will bring me closer on the the work I really desire.

I did not started my tertiary life in Adamson University. I entered Mapua Institute of Technology at Intramuros at 2003 as a BS Chemical Engineering student. Why BS CHE? Two reasons: I enjoyed high school chemistry and I was forced by my parents,so I had no choice. It all went well until 2005, Ambassador Alfonso T. Yuchengco announced that Mapua’s name will be replaced by “Malayan”, which resulted into a massive student demonstration. I am proud to say that I joined in the rallies and wore black almost everyday as a sign of protest.

Why am I saying this?

After the storm, there was a complete silence which really shooked me. I don’t know what happened to the student leaders who vehemently attacked the administration face to face. The months of hardships, no classes, erring pro-admin professors and all sacrifices vanished into thin air. I don’t want to speculate nor elaborate what happened but the bottomline is, the voice resounding was gone instantly without an echo.

If you can’t beat them, join them. They did not beat them. I have no idea what happened next.

I had no choice but to pack up my bags and leave the institution regardless whatever bashings I will receive from my parents, relatives and people around me. I am not learning anything from the 25,000 pesos we are throwing them every two and a half months.

From that experience, I learned that IF YOU DON’T WANT THE SYSTEM, THEN GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM.

Tuition fee increase is normal, to the extent that it is in the law. Have you ever heard of the “Crime of Passion”? We have a law which states that when you caught your spouse red handed with a third party moron, you can kill that bastard the most painful death you can give him/her and still be innocent. Laws are crazy, but as long as you are a citizen, they are still needed to be followed.

TFI’s are approved by CHED so that the private educational system will be far better than the government subdized schools. Adamson University have improved a lot and I am very happy that the once ravaged by student riots, demonstrations, deaths, etc. are thing of the past now. Where can you find a school with 100% fully air conditioned classrooms with our tuition fee rate?

Ever wonder why we have lots of “Student Assistants”? Adamson University is the largest privately owned educational institution that has most numbers of student assistants in the land. Why? The CM’s gives this grant to hardworking students who can’t maintain a straight 1.00 in their class cards. I am also proud to say that we are the only school that waives “all” the fees of the SA’s including miscellaneous and with allowance. I am not a straight A student and I’m happy that the priests still gives this kind of scholarship to the not-so-bright but productive ones.

If you think the administration is going way too far with their vision and mission to give quality education to the underprivileged, you might want to think again. Tuition fee increase annually isn’t a primary suspect in your insinuations. Adamson University is a PRIVATE institution. They have the right to increase or decrease their fees based on their debits and credits. We don’t want to see our CM’s facing large amount of debts, forced liquidating their properties and declaring bankruptcy, do we?

Bringing back Mapua’s glory, Don Tomas Mapua’s family sold MIT to Yuchengco due to that same problem. Mapua’s vision to give the best engineering and architecture training and education under minimal cost failed and the future is now in the hands of a bewildered businessman.

The Adamsonians are now starting to tighten it’s competition on engineering board exams with those exclusive schools which are now starting to falter. Thanks to TFI, the school is improving.

UP had their 300% increase. Everyone lamented, and now what happened?

De La Salle University recently bannered their TFI as “all time low” by 3.61%. Have you ever asked your Theology teachers of St. John Baptist De La Salle’s life story or even the La Sallian Brothers vision and mission on establishing DLSU?

Let’s just study hard, graduate with flying colors, and have a peaceful life after Adamson.

POSTSCRIPT: I am a sports writer and I hate writing about this kind of articles. I will never ever write this on “The Adamson Chronicle” because the studentry won’t read this dumb ass article for sure. Why did I chose engineering rather than a communications course? I don’t want to “learn” and write this kind of articles. I want to write everything about sports but please, don’t give me issues such as politics. Engineering students care about their studies more than school issues. We don’t waste our time fighting for change unless we are settled at least a passing grade for our school projects. Sports writing and TFI don’t mix.


~ by Joshua Tadena on January 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “Sports Writing and TFI Don’t Mix”

  1. with TFI, we should be using a larger ground now during our P.E.
    Something BIG is behin SV…


  3. Great point on the TFI, but not so great dig about DLSU. Kailangan ba talaga noon?

    For your info, the life of St. John Baptist de La Salle is taught to every student. So early on students discover who La Salle was, what was his mission in life, what the Lasaliians want to do. And just so you’ll know, St. La Salle lived a life of charity too.

    The Lasallian mission is different from the Vincentians’, so there’s no point in trying to bring DLSU down just because the tuition there is expensive. To each his own.

    And this is from the mouth of a Lasallian graduate school full scholar.

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