The Adamson Chronicle Office: From Ruins To Resurrection

Bringing back to life…

From the start of this school year, Adamson University started to bring back their beloved official student publication, The Adamson Chronicle.

I entered TAC for a simple reason that I want to help in the re-establishment of our official school paper. I was invited by an Adamsonian online stranger Gervic (before I met her personally) who left a note on my sports blog inviting me to take the editorial exam and share my expertise in sports writing.

I was lucky I have been chosen by the editorial board jurors which comprises of the head honchos of our school. We have undergone rigid written and oral examinations which tested our mental toughness so that we’ll able to produce the best quality school paper in no time.

The Adamson Chronicle office, which is located in the summit of SV building (penthouse), was historical like the organization itself. It is a home where the elite writers circle once gathered for a purpose to deliver the university news on its finest.

The men and women changed from time to time until 2005, when the administration cannot take anymore the anomalous activities they had from that time. I cannot squeal any information about that, but the last resort of the school is to forcibly lock their workplace.

It was a long and tiring debate for the decision to award that same place to shelter the new “Chroniclers” despite of being too far from the civilization, but it ended there last December, the same time they started renovation.


Scaffoldings are scattered around.

Jen and Bryan enjoying the view from above.


More wood…

Destroyed furniture…

Major repainting…

The forgotten portal…

This is where they keep everything.

The university promised us that the area will be available from the start of 2008, and so it happened. These are the post-renovation shots that I gathered last week:

The air-con is cleaned and now running. 🙂

The fixtures have been all repainted. 🙂

The old and damaged wooden lockers are gone. 🙂

The appliances are now usable. 🙂

I can feel the life again through the door. 🙂

The windows here are fixed already. 🙂

The graffiti only reminds everyone of the rotten past…

The good thing is, I cleaned this mess already. 😉


~ by Joshua Tadena on January 15, 2008.

15 Responses to “The Adamson Chronicle Office: From Ruins To Resurrection”

  1. Talagang may special mention ng pangalan ko? Sana nanindigan ka na sa “online stranger” ;p

  2. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V! 😆

  3. anomalous activities… di nga napatunayan yun eh…

  4. Bakit ka affected, Erick? 😆

  5. late reaction, i just found this blog from googling online today. surely, a pet’s blog. you know, since this was re-opened, this should also be renamed… the adamson chronicle should live up with its reputation. what about, “the adamson chronicler wannabes?” sounds perfect. and anomalies? what a strong word my dear.

  6. Congratulations swat08 for successfully googling my pet blog. 😆

    What reputation are you referring to? Did you have that on your time? 😆

    Maybe you should enroll again then take the exam. 😉

  7. wala nang kuwenta ang mga bagong sibol na manunulat ng TAC… mag tuta kayo ng kaparian…

  8. Ihian kita diyan don. Tuta pala ako e. 😆

  9. the good news is that the adamson chronicle has found new life. the bad news is the brainwashing that goes with its reopening. as aspiring student-journalists, however, the current and future staffers have the unique privilege and challenging responsibility to ferret out truths from lies. only they can prove themselves worthy of being called chroniclers of truth or to fail as instruments of disenchantment. cheers!

  10. Im happy to learn that Adamson Chronicle has been reopened after it was closed for quite sometimes. I was once a staff writer way back 1991-92 during the turbulent year of our school organ. I visited once the campus three or four years ago and I was informed that the Adamson Chronicle was closed to my surprise. Im now living permanently here in Japan with my Japanese wife. Pls. continue the legacy that we left in being independent campus paper. I read some comment of Dennis Torrecampo who was our editor-in-chief before. Give my best regards to him. I miss our struggles before as a campus journalist. More power and God Bless!!!

  11. Good day Sirs!

    I was not part of The Adamson Chronicle when it reopened, I was not exactly a fan of it too up until the time that Mrs. Arlene Paredes asked me to join the paper. I honestly have no idea of what transpired during it’s early post-reopening stages, although what I could say though is that at one point in time, chance and opportunity were cruel to the reopening babies.

    First of all, in defense of that generation of TAC staff, I hope that the alumni could understand that they pretty much had no options then, they were held at the collar by the admin. No fractured person can live a life of full freedom when he has a cast. Worse, alumni were bashing them on all sides – instead of assisting them in their baby steps, they called them puppies, wannabes, etc. They really weren’t brainwashed, they just stuck to the most rational thing to do to protect the chronicle at its critical (re)infancy period – that is to keep peace.

    Those events, the closure, reopening etc., although crucial are now history. It’s a time to move forward and to restore TAC to its previous glory, or better yet, to even be better.

    As the current editor-in-chief, I am trying my best to make this possible. And I will let our issues, not myself, to do the talking.

    Please do try to come by our office. TAC will be celebrating it’s 70th anniversary in a year (please search The Adamson Chronicle on Facebook, most of our posters are there) and I am in the best of hopes that we could piece together TAC’s history.

    this is my email: I would be extremely grateful if you could establish contact with us.

    Thank you and good day!

  12. anu na ba ang ngyare?kamusta na ba ang TAC?balita ko nung huli kong bisita nilipat na daw eh,,asan na ba??nakasara kasi nung pumnta ako.welcome ba ako dyan?hehe

  13. tama ang point of view ni jose ramon miguel…yung principle nya tungkol sa freedom ay TAMA kasi naman ganun talaga we’re not totally free in our doings because we need to adjust in our surroundings…let’s just appreciate all the efforts and expertise of the writers of TAC…hindi kaya ganun kadali gumawa ng article…Keep it up TAC Staff…

    Thank You and Have a nice day always…

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