Pacquiao Spotted In Embassy

Instead of preparing for the next fight, “People’s Champ” Manny Pacquiao is doing his struts at Embassy.

To all Packy detractors: “Mind your own business.” 😆

To Packy: “Cheers!” :mrgreen:

Source: Yehey Message Boards


~ by Joshua Tadena on January 17, 2008.

12 Responses to “Pacquiao Spotted In Embassy”

  1. lol!

  2. Sayaw darling! 😆

  3. i read somewhere that fredie roach said that manny was training like there’s no tomorrow.. of course! i can see that now! lol!

  4. Freddie Roach told me that he hired the best pole dancers in LA to spar with Pacquiao! 😆

  5. hahahahaha..! 😀

  6. Go Marquez! Go down! 😆

  7. Agay. Naunsa na man ni si Manny? xD

    Masuko napud si Jinkeh ani :))

  8. Benjo: Anong style mo?
    Manny: Fighting Fish!
    Benjo: Ay. Bading. 😆

  9. Pulo na ni usa ka tuig ga training, wa may untat-untat, wa nay kaon-kaon.

    Pulo pa na bungotan. Macho pa.

  10. Clean cut!!! 😆

  11. that girl in first two pics looks a lot like jana, former cohost ng wowowee..hmmm

  12. Malayo, pare. 😆

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