Adamson Chronicle Coverage of Fire in San Marcelino

January 17, 2007

I arrived on school at 10 AM, 30 minutes early from my Theology 4 class.

The area was flocked by students looking at upward on the sky. I was surprised there was a thick flock of black smoke, supposedly on a burning infrastructure. It seems to be the blaze is somewhat near of Adamson’s SV buliding, the place where I am heading to open our Adamson Chronicle office located in the penthouse.

I was surprised that there are commotions starting to rise due to numerous perceptions that was spreaded fast. Some really thought that Adamson’s SV building is burning, but I was glad to see it first hand that the smokescreen is not coming from our school.

I hurriedly asked the guards for the keys, which they easily gave while I surrender my ID. I walked as fast as I can so I can see the bird’s eye view of the fire while it is starting to grow. My editorialship sense tingled, I opened the veranda (the first time after renovation) and these some shots with my ever reliable camera phone at 10:15 AM:

I also took a video clip:

My friend KitKat came a few minutes at the office but I decided to leave her for a while to check if I our Theology 4 class will push through due to the ruckus. I was surprised that there was a note indicating to go to the chapel. It’s kinda shameful to enter a mass or any other church gathering when it is already starting, so I decided to be back the the Adamson Chronicle office.

Anthony texted me that the SV grounds are already closed to prevent students from entering the nearest building from the fire. I helped him out with the guards by telling this is an official “job”. πŸ˜‰

I asked KitKat and Anthony if we could jot down some notes about this interesting article that might supplement our maiden issue, or fortify our much stronger (I believe) second issue. Well, they agreed to help me.

I started to get photos of the scene but I only got a few shots with the firetrucks:

I returned back to the office and I was surprised that Anthony was gone. He rushed in to the office holding a pen and paper with some interviews he conducted at the scene.

He also invited me to take a closer look at the remains of the disaster, which I disagreed at first because the there is no line of sight available. He told me that he just entered the varsity’s dorms and found a good spot.

The three of us went down the building and walked straight to the varsity players’ quarters. I even see some familiar Lady Falcon friends such as Jill Gustilo. I had problems with the wire fence that did not gave me a chance to see even some pile of ash or the remaining smoke. The problems was solved when the athletes invited me to enter their dormitories, which is kinda shameful in our part. I opened a window and extended my mobile phone to take these two shots. Please note that below is a smelly creek and I could flip my phone their with a slight mistake.

After, we were flocked by the players with amazement. Too bad I was a bit humiliated because their V-League games, which I covered, hasn’t come out yet in circulation. I promised them to wait that for February and for the supporting stories at March.

I was also surprised that they were not informed of their Sunday’s games. Those cheap shots won’t affect the number one team (tied with UST and FEU) in UAAP Season 70 women’s volleyball. πŸ˜‰


~ by Joshua Tadena on January 20, 2008.

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