Wanted: Adamson Sportswriter

I need someone who’s willing to work with me in coverage of Adamson’s games. I am not getting any younger and the academic work is getting tighter and tighter so I need someone to help me.

He/She must:

1. Love sports above anything else.
2. Knows and enjoys computing sports statistics.

3. Be accessible and/or willing to go with me on the game venues (Ninoy Aquino Stadium, Blue Eagle Gym, Araneta Coliseum, etc.)

4. Have at least a minimal knowledge in basic collegiate sports such as basketball and volleyball.

5. Have a background in journalism, whether a communication student or simply a freelance sports writer. Anyone who is willing to jot down notes for me is my minimum requirement.

6. Be willing to learn.

7. Know and shoot sports photos. Knowledge in photography will be an advantage.

8. Be a bonafide student of Adamson University.

9. Be smart, not necessarily a straight A student.

10. Be a hardworker, team player and knows how to play the pressure.

I can’t promise you anything but I can assure you that you will be with me, seating FREE in every Adamson games I will be attending. If I can’t provide you a seat (and a press pass maybe), I’ll be getting it from my own wallet.

Good deal?


~ by Joshua Tadena on January 27, 2008.

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