Chris Tiu Now A Green Archer?

Ricky Lo stated on the lead of his article (this is the worst part to commit mistake IMHO) that Chris Tiu is playing for the “Green Archers” in Ateneo.

Ateneo Green Archers? πŸ˜†

Chris is 100% Chinese? Third import? πŸ˜†

Check the poorly written (and editted) article entitled “Body Talk with Chris Tiu”.

This is the common problem when most of the writers try to go out of their beats and feature something new and saleable. In this case, a handsome basketball hunk in entertainment pages is a fine thing to see but destroyed the entirety of the interview due to sporting ignorance (fatal error of synonymity on the most popular collegiate sports terms of “Ateneo” and “Green Archers”) and nymphomania (sex related questions such as “sleeping in nude” and “sex life”).


~ by Joshua Tadena on February 8, 2008.

6 Responses to “Chris Tiu Now A Green Archer?”

  1. its okey.. why dont you try to read ricky lo’s body talk article.. may ganun tanong..

    at saka kaya nga may erratum.. lalagyan na lang un..

    at saka kaya nga may mga proofreaders eh.. sila nageedit..

    kaya don’t blame the writers..

  2. hindi naman rude ang mga ganun tanong.. depende na lang sa taong nagbabasa nun.. kung bibigyan ng meaning..

  3. I have already read the article and I don’t think Chris Tiu being a Green Archer is forgivable. It is a fatal mistake for everybody knows (sports fans and even girlaloos) that he belongs to the “Blue Eagles”.

    I have nothing against Ricky Lo but I think he should keep himself on the showbiz column with actors and actresses. Chris is a popular figure right now, but please, it even takes a little research to know which team he plays.

    Yeah, that was the editor’s mistake also.

    It wasn’t rude if I am reading an FHM, UNO or Maxim magazine. The Philippine Star is my favorite broadsheet (I don’t care if the Philippine Inquirer is number one because their sports section is my least favorite) but I was really disappointed on the “gayish” questions that was thrown to him.

    They should leave the “sports” stories to the sports geniuses.

  4. Well said, Josh! It is indeed “gayish”. Poor Tiu. I love him more now.
    Say what? Haha

  5. Nice one, Jen! πŸ˜†

    Maybe he can interview Marvin Cruz the “Bulldog” sometime. πŸ˜†

  6. Marvin the “Bulldog”? Isn’t he Marvin the “Eagle”? Wahahaha! At least medyo malapit. You know, Katipunan schools. Hahaha!

    Ano ba? Proud to be Maroon ‘to! Walang ganyanan…

    UP fight! :p

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