SMS Warns Bombing Tomorrow

I have already received three text messages with the same content which seemed to be a warning on a rumored bombing that will take place tomorrow.

TXT TO NG KAPATID KONG PULIS! (I m CA R. Diaz ng isaf, pls. Help me 2 publish s lahat na tao pu2nta sa nabangit kong lugar, tomororow phil. Time 11am. Plan A. LRT BACLARAN TERMNL, PLAN B. TuTUBAN MALL, PLAN C. UNIWIDE QUIAPO, PALN D. SM MANILA, PLAN E. ROBINSON MALATE. PAKI ADVICE NAMAN S MGA MAMAMAYAN NG MANILA WAG CLA PUNT MUNA S MGA LUGAR NA YAN KC S INTEL. Report namin pasabogin yan bkas para maligaw ang isyo sa senado 2ngkol kay Lozada. Tanx. Pls. Pass

Anyway, I need to go to SM Manila tomorrow. 😈


~ by Joshua Tadena on February 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “SMS Warns Bombing Tomorrow”

  1. DO NO HARM PRINCIPLE. Sometimes, we tend to follow our emotions especially when crisis and danger come. We follow the urge to help right away. I just wanna know if the information is traced and verified because at one hand we may think we are helping but on the other hand, we also do not. I encourage everyone to at least be responsible in forwarding messages coz information flows so fast via electronic devices..
    thank you,

  2. Thanks Len, I did not forwarded that message.

    I’m at my school now. It’s only a few steps away of SM Manila. I will be going there later. 😈

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