Second Sem Academic Toxicity

I have been busy all semester long primarily due to academics. As much as I hate it, I need to spend the most amount of my time, money and effort on this facet of my freaking life just to rush my graduation. Yes, I think it’s time to finish my college as soon as possible because I am aching for a neurological break. I want my brain cells to be rested for a good span of time so I can focus other areas like my career (earn money) and fitness (get ripped). 😛

Strength of Materials
I did not enjoyed it, as much as I have enjoyed the Engineering Mechanics. I don’t know if our professor was just boring or I was too tired of entering civil engineering classes that clearly wasn’t my major. I relied on my Mechanics knowledge of getting moments of inertia, salvaging cheap points on a solution-packed exams. I haven’t learned anything but my class standing was better among my classmates. Most of them have have straight 5/100’s in our exams while I luckily had an 100/100 for a time, which I think is the essential part of getting at least a 3.0 final grade. 🙂

Vincentian Studies
At last, I already finished the four Theology classes under my curriculum. I was surprised I wasn’t exempted on our finals exam with a satisfactory grade of 92. Anyway, that last one was easy, and my three absences that grading period was not blamable anyway. Too bad I won’t meet new classmates from Nursing (drool), Psychology (drool more) and Business Administration (suicidal drool). 😈

Computational Methods for Engineering Students
As far as I am concerned, this is the subject that I excelled this semester. I had an easy time computing and playing with matrices starting from Cofactor Expansion Method, Gauss Elimination, Gauss-Jordan Method, Gauss-Seidel Method and Bisection Method. I already assured of passing the subject with an 83 and 91 prior to finals period. It really sucks imagining how deadly my experiences were in my calculus and differential equations, while I ended up toying their prerequisite subject.

Logic Circuits and Switching Theory
I finished Elementary Electronics without ever creating my personal PCB, this subject started it all.

My very first PCB. Sucks right?
My very first PCB. Sucks right?

I forcibly learned the switching theories applicable with the IC’s. I also enjoyed collecting IC’s in my toolbox, as if I was collecting Pokemons. Everytime I see a new IC, I always want to have at least one piece on my kit. From this point onwards, I was a common sight at Alexan, Deeco and E-Gizmo electronics supplies shops. Chrisler, Jomar and I passed a final project about “Manipulation of Appliances Using Logic Gates”.

Computer Applications
This is probably the my most important subject this semester. I have done well from the prelim period with my BINGO and Slot Machine programs, up to midterm and finals wherein we learned how to use computer interfacing using parallel port. From this subject, it clearly explains why we us computer engineers (to be) differ from other computer and IT professionals such as computer science and information technology majors. We do not care about how many gazillions of programming languages available out there; we exist because we know for at least one computer language that will be applied in the industry to improve the ways of living using physical devices, which is commonly termed as “robotics“. This subject is the stepping stone for our design project lecture and laboratory, the most important subject required for graduation. As a supplementary lesson, we were taught how to use multiplexers, creating a finals project of the local arcade hit “Indiana Jones”. We used two 74151 8-in-1 multiplexer with AND and OR gate.

Project making at Arven’s residence

Finish Product

Elementary Electronics 2
This subject gave us a serious headache. We are going nowhere on the lecture subject and we badly needed to pass this in order to get good number of course load next semester. After being sleepless with the LCST and ComApps projects, this third no sleep day in the finals week was a heartbreaker. We failed to make the 100 watt amplifier project on time, but successfully completed in the time extension alloted.

Preparing an EAGLE PCB layout


Preparing the transformeron the bread board

Testing the center tap transformer

Hello, tester? 😀

Wish I was sleeping

No Sleep

Working 100 watt Amplifier

God bless my second semester. 😦


Arven, Jed and Josh

Jessie, Chrisler and Edmon

After finishing a hectic finals week and sleepless nights, the gang (Team MEDUA – LCST, Team MACHO – ComApps and Team BUBUKOL – Elecs2) went out and had a sumptuous meal at Karate Kid, SM Manila.


~ by Joshua Tadena on April 5, 2008.

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