An Afternoon With Russ Swift

Last Saturday, I suffered from laziness after an early APE (annual physical checkup) at PhilamCare. I was scheduled to meet my friend Elljay to witness the Manila International Auto Show 2008 at World Trade Center. I begged off because I was sleepy all day long, or I simply call that as a “low energy” day.

Yesterday, I wasn’t too energized to check the automobiles in the car show. Most of the displayed cars are the production vehicles. It was just like a cross-brand showroom to get dealerships and sales from customers.

Russ Swift fan give away

I arrived at 3 PM and I was just on time to meet Elljay, who have just arrived when I got there. After taking a few rounds on the event, he suddenly fell in line on a “Russ Swift Stunt Show” which cost another 50 pesos. I haven’t watched a car stunt show live, or even see a guy named Russ Swift who’ll be playing along with Subaru Impreza WRX STi 2008 cars.

Russ’s Subaru Impreza WRX STi 2008’s

To make a short introduction on who’s this guy and what he’s capable of, I got this information from his website

The Russ Swift Mini Display Team, part of Russ Swift Driving Services, was formed in 1981.
As the current British Autotest champion and England Autotest Team Captain, Russ was asked to demonstrate his skills in public on a number of occasions and realised there was a demand for this type of entertainment.

In 1987 a video was sent to an advertising agency suggesting that it would be a good idea to use Russ’s skills in a TV commercial. A story was drawn up and Russ was asked to insert some interesting manoeuvres. The resulting Montego “Car Park” commercial was a major success. Although the commercial only ran for 6 weeks It was highly acclaimed all over the world. It was featured at the Cannes Film Festival and in America was voted the world’s most imaginative car commercial.

Since then Russ has established himself as the world’s number one display driver with numerous TV commercials, and car launches to his credit world-wide. Russ has now performed over 8000 displays in over 50 countries including America, South Africa, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia.

Russ has revolutionised International Motor Shows. As a result of Russ’s displays at various motorshows many have adopted the “live” theme for the whole show. 85% of visitors to this years “British Motorshow Live” at NEC in Birmingham voted Russ’s display the best feature. Other Motorshows this year include New York, Melbourne, and Singapore.

Recent TV appearances in this country include teaching grannies to do do-nuts on Top Gear, and the do-nut world record.

Russ holds 3 Guinness world records:- Parallel parking in the tightest space, J Turn in the tightest space and the fastest do-nuts.

Okay, this guy has a lot to brag about in his credentials.

Russ talking with the show’s host, Auto Extreme’s main man James Deakin

We waited under the scorching heat of the sun just to see this old guy strut his wares. Every single spectator was amazed not only on his stunts, but on his showmanship and humor as well.


Russ on a red Subaru Impreza WRX STi 2008

He started his show with the easier stunts such as running flat out reverse spinning the car to park facing wall. It may seem easy and simple, but only small mistake can make his Impreza smash the barriers. He continued to do this until 3-4 times and still, he’s improving attempt after attempt. He’s also sets up the two stationary Imprezas closer and closer to add up difficulty.


With the red Impreza still has enough traction on the tires, he performed one of his popular tricks that catapulted him to Guinness World Records fame, his “Parallel Parking”.

Russ on his first attempt at the “Parallel Parking” stunt.

Russ on his second attempt at the “Parallel Parking” stunt. Obviously, this was nearer.


At last, the ramp that was left idle on Russ’s area was used and he performed the two wheelers that was commonly seen in car pursuit at the movies. At first, he had a single passenger and increased it per trial until the Impreza was jam packed but still performed perfectly.

Russ on his takeoff

Russ balances the Impreza

Russ successfully finished the trick on the other side


Like his surname, Russ swiftly “danced” his Impreza as if he was doing Cha-Cha. 😀


Russ Swift’s finale was his “Donut” trick, spinning the Impreza 360 degrees wildly nth times.


Russ Swift and me

After the show, a small meet-and-greet with autograph session was staged inside the WTC too cool off the driver. He just performed the second show of the day and he still has the third one to conclude his trip to the Philippines.


~ by Joshua Tadena on April 8, 2008.

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