Academic Deficiency

I was out for more than a month because I was hampered by series of blows that I couldn’t resist anymore.

I was on the point of doing something radical, weird and violent. Something fearless just to overcome the pain that I felt and to revenge and seek personal justice with my own hands. Though I have controlled my temper and needed no brute force to avenge my failure, I was happy because I fought a good legal battle inside the university.

I failed my Elementary Electronics 2 subject that caused my blood to rose higher than usual. Well, I was joined by 15 others who couldn’t believed what they saw on their final grades. We approached our professor, who is the most lousy instructor alive, for a recomputation but it did not convinced us.

Our professor did not know that after the release of grades, we have joined forces and collaborated with each other. We talked about our steps on how to gain justice, for we are victims in corrupt practices that happened inside our classroom.

We wrote a letter for a “much clearer” recomputation and asking permission to show us all our unreturned paperworks, including those who “mysteriously” have passed the subject. It’s not just a simple letter, but it was noted by the Computer Engineering chairperson herself; therefore it’s her request to check if some technicalities happened that is critical for passing and failing of the students.

A certain online junkie “ece_spy” coincidentally wrote an expose about the same professor on which sparked an online revolution, throwing all the complaints in him through that blog post. Whistleblowers flocked the blog and reached 100+ comments, until the academicians found out and relayed that site to that professor.

Suddenly, I was contacted by the Office of Student Affairs director telling me that this professor sent him a complaint letter bearing our names of an alleged “physical retaliation” comment on the blog. We are also planning to do that action against him, but since he tried to protect his ass first and threw the initial spear to us, we need no less than a day to decide to counter that allegation and present to the dean, the administration, and the whole world how inhumane this professor is. And hey, he used our names which is clearly a good basis for libel.

We faced it by enumerating all the complaints as we could against him:

• Excessive absences during the entire semester without doing any necessary remedial classes resulting to hurried class discussions and failed examinations.
• Repetitive tardiness on almost all lecture days that prevented the students more lesson time.
• Questionable identical prelim grade of 72 on all or almost all the students.
• Gave grades as low as 43.
• Keeping necessary documents such as the complete examinations of students who passed and failed.
• Improbability ratio of passing and failing of EE and CpE students which may contain bias; EE’s failures are only 2 while the CpE’s who passed was only 3.
• Failure to accept one’s errors in computation of grades that was later corrected by the ECE chairperson, proving our claim.
• Committing errors on the unreturned checked test papers that caused late revisions which may have reversed the outcome of the semester grade.
• Presence of the professor in our room while the Teacher’s Behaviorial Inventory was being conducted. During the TBI, the professor even conducted a seatwork (that transformed into a quiz unknowingly) resulting to the incompletion of the written work.
• Multiplying the credit of written exams including the major exams (such as times two quizzes and the finals major exam that is good for two quizzes and major exam) due to the professor’s non-attendance of classes that adversely affected the students.
• Intentionally giving examination questions that are not discussed or not in the scope of the lecture covered.
• Bypassing the standard operating procedure of the University to pass all records to the department chairperson before encoding the grades in the computer database, attested by the ECE chairperson.
• Incompetency and non-performance of duties as a professor, that will be supported by the common sight of zeroes especially in major exams.
• Miscoding a student’s semester grade of 74.6 into a failure, which was supposed to be rounded off, to become 75 (passing) which may be a basis for bias.
• Using our official request document that was noted by the CpE chairperson as a tool to counteract insinuations that involved non-complainants which caused them harm for their non-participation in the case.

We had several occasions inside the dean’s office with the dean and both chairpersons of the affected parties but it went to just recomputations. After three recomputations, it wasn’t finalized yet but we already discovered a mystery. Some students that failed should have passed, worse, some who already passed should have failed. In short, this professor manhandled the whole process and try to fool everyone that he just committed mistakes. His mistakes was too many, and too costly for the students. He failed the two primary functions of an instructor: to teach and to compute the grades.

Last week, someone told me that professor is resigning or have already resigned. I hope he does or else, it’s not the end of the battle.

Now that I’m in a state of academic deficiency, I need to study harder (with luck on my side). I might have added another semester due to that blunder, but rest assured I’ll be finishing the course no matter what.

I’m not leaving my work as a writer. No. Never. 😉


~ by Joshua Tadena on June 6, 2008.

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