Grab this latest BOUNCE magazine issue to see me on SHOUTBOX and a special article on “The Adamson Chronicle”.

I’ll be a formal contributor on the next issue. Cool? 😉


Not just once or twice, but thrice! Get ready to be blown away by racecar driver Gaby dela Merced on the cover of BOUNCE Magazine’s May-June edition–our massive “Back-to-School Issue.”

Be one with the “Generation Why?” as students have their questions answered in BOUNCE’s newest advice section headed by its resident advice expert and “campus crasher,” Dr. Joms. A guide on getting job requirements is also featured for those fresh graduates out there.

Moreover, our list of schools goes above the meter as we give you a special on the “Philippine’s Most Wanted” leaders. BOUNCE was able to gather 19 student council presidents from different universities to talk about leadership and responsibility. Features on different school publications and a campus gallery on Far Eastern University come along too!

Off-limelight personalities like Jam Millonado (a 4×4 off-road racer from St. Paul Pasig), Noel Ramsical (a lawyer, published poet and professor from UP Los Baños) and Sherad Sanchez (an indie filmmaker from Ateneo de Manila) are few of the people who share their passions on life and the paths they have chosen to tread on. Whereas, cover girl Gaby dela Merced bares her inspirations of how to be the best at what she does, and what she’s learned along her journey.

This issue also goes nationalistic with two fashion editorials to commemorate the Philippine Independence Day, as well as features on Pinoy sports, local talents like the Out of Body Special, Astrojuan, and the Boys’ Night Out team of Magic 89.9. The FLASH section also explores techie thriftiness with its bargain computer stores and different businesses you can find online.

If you’re in the mood for a last-day summer getaway, check out our Camiguin and Cagayan de Oro combo! On more serious issues, BOUNCE has got an exclusive on the confessions of a student drug pusher and the pains and smiles of migrating to a different continent.

Spending the last days of summer and getting ready for the first day of school couldn’t seem any more exciting than this. Make sure to grab a copy of BOUNCE Magazine’s 3rd issue in stores all over the archipelago!

Source: Jan Michellardi Ylagan’s Multiply Site (former intern of BOUNCE magazine)


~ by Joshua Tadena on June 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “See Me On BOUNCE”

  1. I’ll be a formal contributor on the next issue. Cool? 😉

    wow career na? Miss you too. Ü

  2. I don’t know. Unless they need me again for sports articles, there’s no problem. 😉

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