Welcoming First Sem

June 11, 2008

I don’t really understand why the Independence Day was moved again and the festivities are staged on the twelfth.

I was happy to be back to school for certain reasons. I was too bored on the remaining vacation days after the summer semester. My wallet is emptied due to personal expenses (transportation, food allowances, events, UNLITXT, stuff like that) that wasn’t replenished. I ain’t getting sleep and the late night addiction is getting rampant.

I usually start the sem on the first day of class, regardless if there are classes or not. I used this days to familiarize and memorize my room so I won’t need to check my computerized sched from time to time. I also need my allowance back, as if I was a wage earner. πŸ˜†

Since there was no class for my Safety Engineering class from 12-1 PM class, I just chatted with my buddies on our classroom. Incidentally, this is where the Elem Elecs 2 massacre happened.

I ate my lunch with Ted at the ever popular carinderia, Jep’s. Of course, I was too poor to eat grilled meat and I really wanted to stop gaining weight due to my erratic gym schedule lately. I ate veggies (my usual Jep’s meal) with a maruya and buko juice dessert.

Joana and Dyandie, Miss Sciences 2008 and 2nd Runner Up

After eating, we decided to return to school and go to The Adamson Chronicle office to relax and cool down. On the process, since we are going at the SV building where the Miss Sciences are lurking, we wished to see Joana and Dyandie once again. Unluckily, we haven’t seen them. 😦

Ted and I attended our 2-3 PM class with Sir Louie in Control Systems. As usual, he already starts to count the student’s attendance from the start of class. Luckily, I was present and not decided to go home.

A killer three hour break was waiting for us until Advanced Logic Circuit class from 6-9 PM. Sir Louie was at it again but he did just collect another attendance sheet.

June 12, 2008

The Philippine flags are everywhere.

I have only one class for TTh so I tried to attend my single class 10:30-12 PM , Computer System Architecture. We met our professor and discussed some syllabus and grading system.

After taking lunch, I headed immediately to the Athletics Department to inform them that I will be covering our Final Four game in Filoil-Flying V Invitational Cup vs. UE Red Warriors.

I headed straight to the Arena so I can meet the athletics director at the players entrance to let me in. I was surprised to see my UE friend AC with a beautiful chick named Lianne plus the UE courtside applicant Kreng with her boyfriend.

Adamson lost due a single missed free throw missed. Anyway, UAAP is fast approaching and the Falcons are getting better and better.

San Beda kicked DLSU out of the championship game

June 13, 2008

I was badly affected by the “Friday the 13th”.

I was late at my Control Systems class good for my first absent.


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