Pacquiao Will Slice Diaz To Half

Last night, it was a very pleasant win for Ferrari fanatics in Formula 1 at Magnycours, France with another great showing of Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen. Raikkonen was leading the pack in pole position while Massa was close at second in the final qualifying, giving a nominal edge for the scarlet red Ferraris. Kimi’s car suffered exhaust damage halfway through the race and Massa never missed the chance to make a move to the lead, and eventually winning the race. Jarno Trulli of Toyota also placed a well deserved third place finish defending his position against hefty McLaren-Mercedes of Hekki Kovalainen.


One week from now, WBC super featherweight champion Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao will try be the first Asian (and Filipino) to win titles from five different weight divisions as he face WBC lightweight champion David Ruiz in a fight dubbed as “Lethal Combination”.

I have watched Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez II live in Valle Verde and I was unhappy of Pacquiao’s performance, regardless of the result.

Initially, I have seen it a Marquez win via decision because El Dinamita already mastered the key to beat Pacquiao. He’s the most dangerous counter puncher in the sport today and he gave the most damage to Manny’s face for years. We should admit it that Manny was a rocked by Marquez a few times and could have easily won their last outing, I really tried to watch the replays in free TV or at the internet to confirm my first perception. If I was given a pen and paper, I will score a Pacquiao win 114-113. In short, both fighters shared the rounds but the knockdown in the third gave the win for the Filipino.

Pacquiao is a chunky 5’6 1/2″ 130 pounder which is fighting about 154 lbs every fight night. With just one week for his fight against Diaz, he’s not to worried about his weight limit at 135, making his training more focused on the gameplan and conditioning. I am very happy with Pacquiao’s decision moving up to 135 and possibly, a 140 lbs clash against rough and rugged Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton sometime in January. Pacquiao can easily go up and down from 130 to 140, and must handpick opponents which he thinks he can outbox and has a small height and reach disparity. No more Juan Manuel Marquez type of fighters, if he wants to stay on top. Else, if he decides to have a rematch with El Dinamita and win convincingly via KO, hands down, he’s really a boxing demigod.

Diaz is unanimously the weakest of all the lightweight title holders from the recent past. Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz, who schooled the Filipino Randy Suico a few years back, will always be my favorite lightweight. Pacquiao bad mouthed Baby Bull that fight saying “I can KO (Juan) Diaz”, which I think is not a good joke for the Filipino legend. Baby Bull is fast and powerful like Pacman, so good thing it was just a joke. David Diaz is coming off from series of decision wins versus Ramon Montano and Erik “El Terible” Morales. After finishing a trilogy with Pacquiao, Morales tried his luck for a crack at WBC lightwelt belt of Diaz but fell short on points, but surprising anyone with a flash knockdown to the champ on the opening round. Diaz was finishing Morales after a vicious right connected, then Morales snapped two rights that broke Diaz’ glass chin and down for the count. Diaz is slow and his power did not affected Morales much throughout their 12 round meet. His face is not durable enough and Pacquiao’s lightning fast power punches may give him problems as the fight progresses.


1. Capitalize speed and power advantage
Pacquiao is the fastest boxer in the world and his punching power is could shake anyone. Diaz should respect Pacquiao in that department, if he still wants to retain his belt.
2. Attack early
Pacquiao needs to outphase Diaz on the early rounds. Diaz is expected to size up Pacquiao from the opening bell.

1. Never mix up
Pacquiao delivers a lot of blows and proper timing will be vital for Diaz to connect good, damaging shots.
2. Control the ring
Diaz should move backward instead of forward throughout the fight. Diaz should learn to backpedal and use the size of the ring to dance around Pacquiao.

We will have a new lightweight champion come Sunday!😆


~ by Joshua Tadena on June 23, 2008.

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