UAAP Season 72 Men’s Basketball Schedule (1st Round)

July 11 (Saturday) – Araneta Coliseum
2 PM – UST vs Adamson
4 PM – La Salle vs UE

July 12 (Sunday) – Araneta Coliseum
2 PM – UP vs NU
4 PM – Ateneo vs FEU

July 16 (Thursday) – Araneta Coliseum
2 PM – UST vs NU
4 PM – UE vs Ateneo

July 18 (Saturday) – Araneta Coliseum
2 PM – UP vs Adamson
4 PM – FEU vs La Salle

July 19 (Sunday) – Philsports Arena
2 PM – UE vs NU
4 PM – Ateneo vs UST

July 23 (Thursday) – Philsports Arena
2 PM – La Salle vs UP
4 PM – FEU vs Adamson

July 25 (Saturday) – Philsports Arena
2 PM – NU vs FEU
4 PM – UST vs UE

July 26 (Sunday) – Philsports Arena
2 PM – Adamson vs La Salle
4 PM – Ateneo vs UP

July 30 (Thursday) – Araneta Coliseum
2 PM – La Salle vs NU
4 PM – Adamson vs Ateneo

August 1 (Saturday) – Philsports Arena
2 PM – Ateneo vs NU
4 PM – FEU vs UP

August 2 (Sunday) – Philsports Arena
2 PM – UE vs Adamson
4 PM – UST vs La Salle

August 6 (Thursday) – Araneta Coliseum
2 PM – UP vs UE
4 PM – UST vs FEU

August 8 (Saturday) – Araneta Coliseum
2 PM – AdU vs NU
4 PM – UST vs UP

August 9 (Sunday) – Araneta Coliseum
1 PM – La Salle vs Ateneo
5 PM – UE vs FEU

Second Round
August 13 – Araneta Coliseum
August 15 – Araneta Coliseum
August 16 – PhilSports Arena
August 20 – Araneta Coliseum
August 22 – PhilSports Arena
August 23 – PhilSports Arena
August 27 – PhilSports Arena
August 29 – PhilSports Arena
August 30 – PhilSports Arena
September 3 – Araneta Coliseum
September 5 – Araneta Coliseum
September 6 – PhilSports Arena
September 10 – Araneta Coliseum
September 12 – Araneta Coliseum
September 13 – Araneta Coliseum (Cheerdance Competiton)

Final Four
September 17 – Araneta Coliseum (Playoffs)
September 20 – Araneta Coliseum (Final Four)
September 24 – Araneta Coliseum (Final Four)

September 27 – Araneta Coliseum
October 1 – Araneta Coliseum
October 4 – Araneta Coliseum


~ by Joshua Tadena on June 21, 2009.

25 Responses to “UAAP Season 72 Men’s Basketball Schedule (1st Round)”

  1. Josh! Thanks for posting. I’ll Tweet this ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sure, Imee. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Everyone share this one! This one’s the final schedule. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Watch this games ONLINE for free… just visit my site to watch it live on the internet… right now i’m streaming NCAA games PBA UFC BOXING and many more…

  4. xana my game dn ang FEU xa opening..รœ
    para mkita q na c jr cawaling..harhar.

    • oo nga eh i want FEU..lets go TAMS !!
      talunin ang BANO.bwahaha.GO FEU.
      be CHAMPION !!
      chance na ntn to..

  5. Really so excited to this season. Go Blue Eagles. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. pare, might you know where we can watch the ateneo-feu game last sunday via the internet? kaming mga nasa abroad ay hirap na hirap na. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. One Big Fight Blue! Sesqui natin ngayon…

  8. im from cagayan de oro city where jr cawaling is from… Sinungaling sya at bakit 19years old pa sya… ka batch ko sya nung highschool 24 years old na yan si cawaling… loser

  9. GO!!!! ADAMSON…

    Falcon let’s go…

    Falcon let’s Fight…

    Falcon let’s go and win this fight…

  10. you can watch all the uaap games but it is not live telecast..

  11. mali ‘tong sked mo, man.

  12. Bro, I think your schedule is a bit mixed up. Check July 25 schedule. Second game was UST-UE. You put in on July 26 sched. You may want to revise it.

    Either way, thanks for sched info. cheers.


  14. Thanks boypinoy, I switched the schedule of this weekend’s games.

    Anyway, I corrected it already. I added additional information as well.

    I’m going to post the women’s and juniors skeds too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. when are they going to sell tickets for ateneo-la salle?

  16. Go Adamson… mga pare p natin yn.. mgaganda ang mga laban nyo da best!!

  17. sir, yung schedule po sa sunday, magka-baliktad po ata.. mauuna po ba lasal taeneo? dba 5pm cla?

  18. august 9 mo bro, I think 5pm DLSU game.

  19. lage nmn talo AdU…weak amp

  20. go fight red and white!!!go ue red warriors!!!

  21. ala kwenta la salle ngaun
    magaling ang coach
    mga players d makasunod sa mggndang play..
    nkakadisappoint naman pero ito lang msasabi ko die hard fans po ako sa lasalle green archers go lasalle go go go to the finals and trophy…….

  22. fan***************

  23. gO fyt red n wyt!!!

    bEat the ATENEO…


  24. go go go UE!!!

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