UFC 112: Edgar dethrones Penn

Frankie Edgar defied the seven to one underdog stature and won a close unanimous decision upset over the legendary BJ Penn and snatching the UFC lightweight title on UFC 112 at Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Penn had difficulty hitting Edgar all night long, which was a very big turning point in the fight. The grizzled challenger perfectly executed his game plan to move sideways and throw feints to confuse the heavily favored former champion.

One thing I noticed is Edgar loves to circle to the left more than his right. Penn sticked to his left hooks all night, which is a good punch, but virtually useless on a guy circling to the left. Edgar neutralized Penn’s hooks while he connected short but crisp crosses.

If Penn studied Edgar’s movements and threw more right hooks rather than his left, it could have been victorious. Edgar remained on the same game plan over and over again while Penn is not aware that he’s sticking to a style that will cost him the fight.

An immediate rematch is most likely to happen. I want to see this fighters go at it again. 🙂


~ by Joshua Tadena on April 14, 2010.

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