UFC 112: Silva Retains Title, King Clown of MMA

Anderson Silva claimed another easy title defense via unanimous decision over submission specialist Demian Maia retaining his UFC middleweight belt last weekend on UFC 112 at Abu Dhabi, UAE.

“The Spider” started the fight with his usual slow pace and feeling the range of Maia. Silva controlled the Octagon with his superior ability in strikes on stand up while Maia desperately tries to bring the game on the ground. Upon knowing that Silva is comfortably ahead of points, he began on dancing, taunting, trash talking, making faces and lots of goofy and unsportsmanlike activity on the floor. Referee Dan Miragliotta even warned Silva a one point deduction if he remained to act crazily inside the Octagon.

UFC president Dana White walked out of the arena after getting himself embarrassed on Silva’s antics. He even prompted Silva’s manager Ed Soares to award the belt to his boy without him. At the press conference, White apologized to everyone and blasted Silva of his attitude.

Silva is undoubtedly the best pound-for-pound mixed martial arts fighter right now but the problem is this guy’s attitude. His talent is unmatched in his division and should have been the face of the sport for years now, but is now unanimously awarded the clown of MMA.

I can’t forget how he destroyed Forrest Griffin and Rich Franklin with his striking. He has faced a lot of good opposition throughout his career but recently, he started beginning to showboat and lengthen the fights instead of actually finishing it via KO. The best examples of that was his matches versus Thales Leites, Patrick Cote and this one.

UFC had a milestone last weekend for staging an outdoor arena in Abu Dhabi and Silva’s streak of 11 wins in a row and six title defenses. All went to the drain and UFC put into shame because of Anderson Silva.

White should apprehend Silva and be punished. Silva should never be a PPV header unless he proves his worth. It’s tiring to see a main bout being overshadowed by brilliant show of preliminaries. As a fight fan, I’m also unsatisfied if the fight did not end in KO.

The only reason I’ll be watching an Anderson Silva fight again is if he fights Georges St-Pierre. It’s not only fun to watch but I’m 101% sure that he’ll suffer the consequence of signing on that fight.


~ by Joshua Tadena on April 14, 2010.

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