UFC 112: Munoz wrecks Grove

After getting tagged by a couple of strikes on the start, Mark “The Filipino Wrecking” Machine Muñoz reversed the outcome firing back solid bombs on Kendall “Da Spyder” Grove which resulted to a TKO victory last weekend at the UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Muñoz, giving away a 6 inch height advantage to Grove, forced the fight into a ground game early on. The long limbed Grove had a series of very good sprawls, making Muñoz harder to capitalize his edge in wrestling. Grove had a very good counter uppercuts which is timed correctly on a shooting Muñoz, which dazed him in the first round. Muñoz took control of Grove’s leg for a long period of time, bringing the fight on the ground eventually. Grove had Muñoz under his guillotines and submissions, but the Fil-American NCAA Division I wrestler always popped out off trouble.

Muñoz started the second round with a renewed energy by connecting vicious hooks on stand up. Grove immediately felt the effects on Munoz’ punches, leaving him on the floor. Munoz unleashed a brutal ground and pound until referee have seen enough of punishment to call a halt.

This fight was awarded the “Fight of the Night” by UFC president Dana White and the fighters were given an additional $75,000 incentives.

Muñoz’ ground and pound is the most relentless we have seen for years. He likes the position on top of his opponent and from there, he unloads heavy punches and hammer fists to the head and body. His perfectly timed overhead right on a lying down opponent is merciless and will surely knock out anyone unconscious.

Grove is a very tall welterweight and must expose a variable height and reach advantage every fight. He is doing it correctly but his glass chin was exposed by Muñoz.

Muñoz will be a perfect fighter if he improves his kickboxing. He has no problem on the ground with his very solid wrestling background. Muñoz displayed lethal hooks but his boxing should be sharpened by learning to throw jabs, using angles and precision punching. Kicks will be a very good arsenal to work on also.

Everything he needs to learn more will be sharpened in his training ground in the Black House, so we’ll surely expect more wrecking by The Filipino Wrecking Machine next fight. 🙂


~ by Joshua Tadena on April 16, 2010.

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